Sunday, 8 August 2010

Busy times!

Well, it's quite difficult to believe that we are in August already, July just flew by! People4ponies held a fantastic Wild Pony Weekend, where 2 traumatised, previously wild ponies came for specialist handling. 5 students came to learn the techniques used to help these ponies. I even did a spot of teaching on Sunday, taking students out into the herd of ponies and enabling them to catch a "difficult to catch" pony by using body language. Bobby was perfect for this, as he would be considered uncatchable by normal standards, but if your interaction with body language is just right, then he will accept you. After practising movements "human to human" in the yard, (with me as Bobby the pony!) students were already well on the way to perfecting their technique when we went out into the field.

Rocky volunteered himself as a demo pony, showing how to teach a young pony to pick up feet - he's very well trained at offering you his feet, but he was a nice, calm pony to demonstate the technique with, having done it all before quite a few years ago now!

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