Sunday, 30 January 2011

Talk for the Shebbear Womens' Institute

On 12th January, I was invited to be the evening guest speaker for the Womens' Institute group in Shebbear. I had been asked to give a talk about my work as a "horse whisperer", which I was very pleased to do. I always aim to keep my talks as interactive and interesting as possible. The talk was about how my training and experience working with horses and ponies, and a special group of once wild ponies came together to provide specialist training for the firefighters. There was a slideshow and little video to accompany the talk...there was even a mini quiz in the middle. It was lovely to meet the ladies and it was quite tricky judging the "Best Picture of a Horse" competition because there were so many lovely drawings, paintings and photos!

There was lots of lovely feedback from the ladies, including this email - "Dear Faye, Thank you so much for our interesting talk. As one member said ‘ I’ll never look at horses the same way again.’ We really admired your enthusiasm and commitment".