Thursday, 10 February 2011

Talk for the Newton St Petrock Women's Institute

Early in February I was asked to step in as an emergency speaker for the Newton St Petrock WI in North Devon. Their guest speaker had been taken ill, and because their specialist subject was "The History of Tea", there was also a pre-arranged teapot competition for me to judge as well as giving the talk...I have to say that teapot judging was definitely something I have never done before!

"Horse-Whispering" was rather a different topic to that originally scheduled...but the ladies were lovely. They felt that one of the most interesting aspects of the talk was that humans take for granted that animals see, react and perceive things the same way as humans do - and actually the ways animals see things can be really quite different, and that is why we sometimes think that animals, such as horses, are unpredictable.